Our Mission


About Us

TopPath Academy is a comprehensive institution located in the Greater Toronto Area. With STEAM as our teaching philosophy, we have established a brand image with rich backgrounds and talents. Our school has a wide variety of courses. Our lessons are designed in accordance with student’s aptitudes, potentials and individuality. At present, our curriculum includes robotics, children's programming, graphic designs, computer game designs, 3D printing, mathematical Olympiads and English public speaking. Our school has the latest educational technologies and is at the forefront of STEAM innovation. Our goal is to inspire young children's curiosity, cultivate their abilities to create, develop peer collaboration skills, and prepare them with proper mindsets in solving problems. We work with each individual student to identify obstacles and find solutions. Our professional team use rational approach to verify, solve and achieve the objectives of STEAM. When our students are ready to leave TopPath Academy, they are fully prepared for the next stage of their career.