Fee List

TopPath Academy Fee List












Robotics Robotics-WeDo 1hr/session/week $30/hr SK-G3
Robotics-EV3 2hrs/session/week $27.5/hr 5 levels
Robotics-Competition 2hrs/session/week $30/hr WRO, FLL, VEX
3D Printing 2hrs/session/week $30/hr Materials included
Robotic Club $280/year 10 months, Jul & Aug not included

Programming Scratch G1-G4 2hrs/session/week $22/hr
Coding Beginner G5+ 1.5hrs/session/week $18/hr
LEVEL 1 TO LEVEL 5 2hrs/session/week $25/hr
Advanced 2hrs/session/week $30/hr
CCC Competition 2hrs/session/week $30/hr

Mathematics Singapore Math G1-G8 2hrs/session/week $22/hr
Olympiad Math G2-G7 2hrs/session/week $22/hr
Contest Math-Foundations (G6-G8) 2hrs/session/week $20/hr
Contest Math -Advanced (G8-G12) 2hrs/session/week $30/hr AMC, CEMC, COMC, CMO
Euclid 2hrs/session/week $35/hr
Curriculum G9-G12 2hrs/class/week $30/hr Advance Function, Data-Management, Calculus and Vector

English Reading&Writing G2-G4 1.5hrs/session/week $20/hr 2 levels
Critical Reading&Writing 2hrs/session/week $25/hr
Wordly Wise&Critical thinking 1.5hrs/session/week $25/hr Book 3-8
Public Speaking&Debate 2hrs/session/week $25/hr 3 levels
Academic English 2hrs/session/week $30/hr G5-G12
Shakespeare G10+ 2hrs/session/week $30/hr 2 levels
Reading Club 2hrs/session/week $18/hr G4-8

French Foundation 2hrs/session/week $22/hr
Advanced 2hrs/session/week $28/hr

Science G9-G10 2hrs/session/week $30/hr
G11-G12 2hrs/session/week $35/hr Biology, Chemistry, Physics, IB/AP

After School

Mon - Fri

G1-G6 5days/week $640/mth Small Class, STEAM-Education
G9+ 22hrs/mth $800/mth Small Class
Robotics-WeDo 20hrs/mth $250/mth SK-G3

Private 1-on-1

G1-G6 12hrs $650 VIP-premium customized
G7-G12 12hrs $900 VIP-premium customized
AP / IB Course 1hr $120 VIP-premium customized


G1-G6 12hrs $400 VIP-premium customized
G7-G12 12hrs $600 VIP-premium customized

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