We Won! We Won!


We Won! We Won!

November 24, 2019   |   toppathacademy

We have great news for all of you! On November 16, 2019, TopPath team participated the FLL Jr. Expo in Kingston, and won the Gold Medal and Discovery & Programming Award!

Well done team! Our five students have spent more than 40 hours prepare for this competition. Their hard work has finally paid off. Special thanks to our coach, Daniel, who has been tremendous leading our junior team. He taught our students not only knowledge in robotics but also team qualities that are essential in a competition.

Our students have learnt a lot from this competition. Coming out as first place has no doubt given them confidence and encouragement to their learning. We remembered three months ago when we first formed our junior team, no one has an idea what is the value of Discovery, Innovation, Impact, Teamwork, Inclusion and Fun. After more than 10 classes of preparation and training, everyone has now fully understood the importance of these qualities, and the team was able to go above and beyond to present them in the FLL Jr. Expo. We are very proud of each of you, not only because you have won the awards, but also the improvements that you have shown us over the past three months.

We are all learning! That doesn't just apply to our students but also our coaches and teachers. It is amazing to see how an individual comes to realize his/her strengths and becomes one of the successful factors in the competition. The FLL Jr. Expo has definitely been a great experience to TopPath Academy. At the end, there are things that everyone can learn from and improve on.

Last but not least, we would like to thank our participants' parents for their supports. Without your help, we would never achieve our successes in the competition.

Let's keep up the good work! We will see you again in the next WRO competition in 2020!